Helping you get a better idea of how your space is used



Learn how people are using your space day in day out



Discover how air quality, temperature and light are impacting your people



Track equipment and see how it’s being used



Uncover how your space is being used over time


Optimise the way you use your space with our insights and recommendations

We translate the data that our sensors gather and use our expertise and experience to provide meaningful actions and solutions. 


Smart sensors that make buildings talk

Every sensor collects 15 data points in real time including occupancy, temperature, air quality, sound and light levels.  

Powered by our patent pending machine learning algorithms, we uncover building use pattern and environmental data, provide powerful insights for owners and occupiers and help drive up comfort levels and business productivity.


"I think Beringar have really hit on something with their concept. I speak to building owners all the time through my role in Honeywell and they are continuously asking for meaningful data which makes their lives easier and enables them to make smart decisions on how to manage their building more effectively. Good data has good value and people are willing to pay for it."

Ben Wolf, Senior Product Manager, EMea

"It sounds like your offering will be successful. And why not – it is unique and solves many problems of traditional sensor-based presence solutions."

Jani Vuorinen, Product Development Manager, Division X



"Beringar are pioneers in the built infrastructure space, designing a LoRaWAN solution that solves real world challenges and has the potential to revolutionise efficiency. This is what the IoT is for, adding real world value, delivering a ROI and making the world a smarter place."

Tracy Hopkins, IoT Global Network Ambassador, CMO


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